Australian Medical Council Exam For Foreign Medical Graduates

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Australian Medical Council Exam For Foreign Medical Graduates:


For foreign medical graduates who want to practise medicine in Australia, the Australian Medical Council (AMC) administers tests. The AMC is the national organisation in charge of evaluating IMGs (foreign medical graduates) and accrediting Australian medical schools.


There are three main exams conducted by the AMC for foreign medical graduates:


i. AMC Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Exam: This is a computer-based test consisting of multiple-choice questions that assess the candidate's medical knowledge and clinical skills.


ii. Clinical Exam: This exam evaluates the clinical skills and competencies of the candidates through practical assessments, including simulated patient encounters and clinical scenarios.


iii. AMC Clinical Preparation Course (optional): While not an exam itself, the AMC Clinical Preparation Course is a recommended preparatory program to help candidates prepare for the Clinical Exam. It provides guidance on the exam format, clinical communication, and practical skills.


For the most recent information on the exam requirements, eligibility requirements, and registration process, foreign medical graduates should visit the AMC website or get in touch with the AMC directly. This is because these details are subject to change. For international medical graduates seeking registration in Australia, the AMC may also have additional requirements, such as medical work experience and proficiency in the English language.


It might be difficult to study for these tests, thus many students decide to take additional preparation classes or use self-study programmes. The tests are designed to make sure that foreign medical graduates possess the qualifications needed to practise medicine in Australia in a safe and efficient manner.

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