Traditional Navratri Recipes to try in 2023

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Hindu culture attaches tremendous importance to the festival of Navratri, which is colourful and auspicious and is observed all over India. One of the most significant festivals in the Hindu calendar, it is widely observed and revered throughout India. During this period, followers worship the goddess Durga in nine different incarnations throughout the course of nine nights. Along with the intense religious fervour, the festival of Navratri is also known for its mouthwatering traditional food, which gives the celebrations a unique flavour.  Many Hindus keep a fast during Navratri and only consume items that are suitable for the fast. Vrat dishes are prepared without specific items including alcohol, meat, onions, and garlic.


We have compiled a list of Traditional Navratri recipes for you here, which will tantalise your palate and give your celebrations in 2023 a culinary twist.


a. Sabudana Khichdi


Popular fasting dish that is both tasty and healthy is sabudana khichdi. This meal, which is made with tapioca pearls, potatoes, and roasted peanuts and is spiced with cumin and green chilli, is excellent for providing energy during the Navratri fast. This meal is a favourite among those keeping fasts during this auspicious time because of the exquisite balance of spices and the distinctive texture of soaked sabudana. 


b. Kuttu Ki Puri


During Navratri, kuttu, or buckwheat, is a staple food, and one of the most popular meals created with this gluten-free flour is kuttu ki puri. These tiny, crisp puris are perfectly deep-fried and come with a side of delectable potato curry. A delicious way to enjoy a classic meal while making sure it complies with the dietary restrictions imposed during Navratri is with Kuttu Ki Puri.


c. Singhare Atta Halwa


Another common component used during Navratri is Singhare, or flour made from water chestnuts. A must-try treat during the holiday season is Singhare Atta Halwa, a sweet dish created with this flour. A decadent dessert that may be savoured guilt-free throughout the fasting season is made with sugar, ghee, and the rich, nutty flavour of Singhare Atta. This halwa adds a touch of sweetness to the festivities because it is garnished with chopped almonds and pistachios.


d. Aloo Jeera


During Navratri, many homes turn to the straightforward yet tasty dish aloo jeera. Cured potatoes are the main ingredient in this dish, which is also topped with fresh coriander leaves and cumin seeds. The mildness of the potatoes and the delicate flavour of the cumin combine to make a dish that is both tasty and simple to make. Aloo Jeera is a multipurpose side dish that enhances the flavour of several fasting dishes and goes well with them. It's prepared without the use of onions or garlic and frequently paired with kuttu puris or sabudana khichdi.


e. Makhane Ki Kheer


Fox nut pudding, commonly referred to as makhane ki kheer, is a decadent dish that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Navratri. This creamy treat, which is made from lotus seeds, milk, and sugar, is enhanced with the delicate flavours of cardamom and saffron. In addition to being a feast for the taste senses, makhane ki kheer is a delectable delicacy that gives you a nutritional boost while you're fasting. It's a dessert that appeals to individuals of all ages and reflects the holiday mood.


f. Samvat Rice Pulao


In order to prepare meals for those who are fasting during Navratri, samvat rice, also known as barnyard millet, is frequently used. The fragrant and tasty rice dish known as Samvat Rice Pulao is made up of Samvat rice, vegetables, and a variety of aromatic spices. This pulao is a must-have component of the Navratri dining experience because it strikes the ideal balance between flavour and nutrition.


g. Shakarkandi Ki Chaat


During Navratri, sweet potatoes, also known as shakarkandi, can be made into a mouthwatering chaat. With a zesty mixture of spices, lemon juice, and a smidge of sweetness, this chaat combines the benefits of cooked sweet potatoes. Shakarkandi Ki Chaat is a tasty and healthy snack that adds a burst of flavour to the holiday buffet, making it a favourite among culinary enthusiasts and health-conscious people alike.


These are just a few of the many delicious and nutritious Traditional Navratri Recipes that you can try during Navratri. With so many alternatives available, you may discover something that the whole family will appreciate.


Navratri is more than simply a holiday; it's a celebration of tradition, spirituality, and mouthwatering food. These traditional Navratri recipes highlight the rich culinary heritage of India and bring to light the diverse flavors and textures that make this festive period so special. Try these dishes to get into the Navratri spirit and enjoy the genuine flavours that have been handed down through the years, which will help you feel more connected to the rich tapestry of Indian traditions and rituals.

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