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Achieving Stunning Looks: Graphic Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes


Graphic eyeliner is a makeup artistry technique that has completely revolutionised the beauty industry. There are countless possibilities with this daring and imaginative method of applying eyeliner, from elaborate patterns to attention-grabbing forms. However, it can be a little trickier to create graphic eyeliner looks for people with hooded eyes. But don't worry! We'll go into the world of graphic eyeliner in this post and examine hacks designed especially for people with hooded eyes.


Understanding Hooded Eyes: A Brief Overview


Let's take a moment to define hooded eyes before we explore the world of graphic eyeliner. Hooded eyes are distinguished by an additional layer of skin that hangs over the crease and reduces the size of the eyelid. When wearing certain eye makeup looks, such as graphic eyeliner, this distinctive eye shape can occasionally present difficulties.


Why Graphic Eyeliner?


With the graphic eyeliner trend, you may experiment with creative designs and break off from traditional eyeliner looks. It's a chance for you to use makeup to demonstrate your originality and individual characteristics. Graphic eyeliner may be an appealing method to draw attention to your eyes, whether you prefer geometric forms, abstract artwork, or complex patterns.


Tailoring Graphic Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes


In comparison to other eye types, applying graphic eyeliner to hooded eyes necessitates a slightly different technique. Here are some advice-specific suggestions to assist you grasp this method:


1. Embrace Negative Space:

Eyelid space is frequently less noticeable in eyes with hoods. Consider embracing negative space rather than trying to fill the entire lid with your graphic liner. This entails sparingly applying eyeliner to selected areas of your eyelid while carefully positioning your liner to achieve the desired graphic appearance.


2. Opt for Thin Lines:

It's preferable to start with smaller lines when dealing with hooded eyes. Thick lines might overwhelm the lid and give the impression that it is even smaller. Start with light strokes and increase the thickness as necessary.


3. Follow the Natural Curve:

Create a cohesive graphic design by working with the natural shape of your eye. Follow the contour of your eyelid's crease rather than drawing lines that are forced straight over the lid. This will make the design enhance rather than contrast your eye shape.


4. Experiment with Placement:

Don't be afraid to try out different eyeliner techniques. Consider patterns that go beyond the outside corner of your eye or, for a fresh spin, concentrate on the inner corners. Try out a few different angles to see which one best complements your eye shape.


5. Use Waterproof Formulas:

Due to the frequent touch of the eyelid with the skin, hooded eyes can cause smearing. Consider using waterproof or long-lasting solutions that can handle the challenge to keep your graphic eyeliner from smearing.


6. White Eyeliner Magic:

When it comes to graphic eyeliner for hooded eyes, white eyeliner might be your secret weapon. Your eyes will appear bigger and more alert when you use white liner on your waterline and a little bit on the inner corner. Your graphic design can be tastefully complemented by this.


7. Play with Color:

Avoid just using the standard black eyeliner. Try out several hues that go with your style and attire. Your geometric eyeliner style may take on a whole new depth with the addition of jewel tones, metallic hues, and vivid hues.


8. Perfect Your Wing:

Hooded eyelids can also be accommodated by modifying the winged eyeliner design. Angle the wing upward rather than spreading it straight out. The eyes will appear more wide and lifted as a result.


9. Blend and Soften:

Although harsh lines are frequently used with graphic eyeliner, a little amount of softness may go a long way. Create a smooth transition between the liner and your skin by using a smudging brush or cotton swab to soften the edges of your design.


10. Confidence is Key:

In the end, confidence is the key to successfully pulling off any makeup look, especially graphic eyeliner. Carry yourself with confidence and wear your creation with pride. Your makeup will look even better while you're feeling happy.




The trend of graphic eyeliner allows people to express themselves through their appearance in a variety of ways. Don't allow having hooded eyes stop you from exploring the world of graphic liner. With the appropriate methods and some practise, you can create gorgeous looks that highlight your distinctive eye shape. Take advantage of your hooded eyes by using them as a blank canvas for your creative expression. So go ahead and grab that eyeliner brush and unleash your inner artist!

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